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India has always been very closely associated with the various wellness-oriented practices. Ever since the ancient times, the country has been known for its unique and effective wellness centric therapies and treatments. Even today, with the advancement of modern medicine, the ancient practices still have a firm hold in the country.
People lead a very fast life today and with the constant stress and competition, it becomes very important to ensure that you take a break once in a year. Sustithacare’s Wellness oriented services helps you to get the much-needed rest while catering to the overall a person’s overall wellness. Our lifestyle, preventive and holistic centric services and facilities will give you the much needed boost so that you can take care of your wellness related concerns.

Wellness centric services and facilities

Today, there are many wellness related spa’s and resorts across the country that offer a wide range of wellness therapies and procedures. These places have specialized and skillful trained professionals who look after you. Sustithacare offers its client the benefit of availing some of the best wellness therapies India has to offer.
We have tied up with some of the best resorts and spa’s in the country. Our clients can enjoy the benefit of looking after their wellness and availing different types of customized packages based on their budget. We also have a tie-up with the highly acclaimed spiritual and wellness centric center

Wellness Treatment



A form of natural medicines that deals with various kinds of plant extract and materials; Aromatherapy is one of the most popular forms of healing that is practised even today. With the help of special oils, experts help to treat different ailments and conditions like stress, body ache, migraines etc.


In this form of healing, water is used for the treatment and relief of different types of pain a person experiences. Through Hydrotherapy, experts use various kinds of therapeutic approaches to help treat certain diseases. Mineral baths, underwater massage and water jets are some of the techniques that are used in Hydrotherapy.
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