Understanding why Indian Dental Tourism is gaining popularity worldwide

The Rise of Dental Tourism in India
February 23, 2017

An Asian / Indian man getting dental treatment

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Understanding why Indian Dental Tourism is gaining popularity worldwide

Dental tourism is quite popular these days, at a global scale. Many people prefer to get their dental treatments while on vacation, especially when their country of choice offers quality treatments which are quite reasonably priced. India is known for its excellence in dental care, with expert surgeons and state-of-the-art dental care facilities.

Dental tourism is part of the flourishing Indian Medical Tourism industry which is being supported by the Indian government too.

Read on to find out more why Indian Dental Tourism is gaining popularity worldwide:

Affordable dental implants

Dental implants are quite expensive abroad. In India however, Dental implants, Smile designing, Full Mouth rehabilitation and other dental procedures are quite affordable. The quality of the implants are unmatched and can compete with the best in the world. People worldwide are recognizing the fact that they can have dental implants at a price which is nearly 6-7 times less than that outside India.

Highest standards in quality through a range of treatments

 Even though dental treatments are extremely reasonable in India, still the quality of the treatments is of the highest standards. The range of dental treatments offered in India includes

Digital scanning – intra mouth, Surgical procedures in local anesthesia, Ceramic caps, Dental fillings, Maxillary surgery, Ceramic / Porcelain Crowns, Gum Treatment / Grafting,

Dental Implants, Horizontal and vertical bone grafting, Ceramic caps without gold under microscopic control, Palatal orthodontics, Smile designing, Cosmetic dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Root Canal, Tooth Reshaping and Contouring, Fluoride Treatments for children and many more. Dental tourists can confirm with their dental clinics in India and arrange for the treatment of choice.

Highly skilled and experienced dentists

Dentists in India have a lot of experience in dentistry, and many of them study and train in Dental Colleges in western countries. They are aware of the latest developments, in the fields of dental procedures and technological developments. Indian dentists are capable of carrying out the most complicated dental procedures with ease, which is a major factor behind the popularity of Indian dental tourism.

Skilled support staff

The support staff in dental clinics in India is highly skilled, as they have a lot of experience and work with great dedication. They have the required training to assist dental surgeons efficiently while taking good care of patients. The support staff, which include nurses, receptionists, customer care professionals and maintenance staff are trained well, to look after the needs of the patients. The maintenance team keeps the facilities clean and hygiene is of utmost importance.

Ease of transportation and location

Dental healthcare facilities in India which cater to dental tourism have the comfort of their patients foremost in their minds. Dental tourists are usually offered the pick and drop facility from the airport, and they can enjoy a hassle free ride to their hotel. A warm welcome is extended to dental tourists and all efforts are made to make their stay pleasant. The location of the hotel / inn / guest house is usually in the vicinity of the dental clinic, so that the dental tourist can visit the clinic easily for treatment.

Language barrier doesn’t exist

English is one of the main languages spoken in India and for English speaking patients; there is no language barrier at all. The surgeons, nurses, customer care all other people involved in the treatment process are fluent in English and hence there is no communication gap. Dental clinics which cater to dental tourists arrange for interpreters and translators too. There are interpreters for all the major languages of the world, so there is no such thing as a language barrier.

Holidaying and shopping

Dental tourists can enjoy a relaxing vacation in India while being treated. India has many ancient and modern tourist attractions coupled with bustling markets selling handicrafts, clothes, perfumes, spices and artifacts. Patients and their families / friends can enjoy the sights and buy lovely things to take back home.

Indian Dental Tourism is gaining ground due to affordable costs, excellent treatments using the latest technology, matchless expertise of surgeons who handle a huge range of dental treatments, no communication barrier and beautiful tourist spots.


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